Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hokey Pokey Meme

Ok, I was totally inspired by this post from good friend and fellow blogger Catherine. They fought the Winter Blues one day by recording the hokey pokey and I loved the idea so much I thought I would do it too. BUT I'm adding my own twist to it - I'm making it a new blogging meme - you have it here folks, the birth of the Hokey Pokey Meme! Oooh!! Aaahh! Sit back and breath in the awesomeness of new life.

Now, down to business. Here's the rules:

1. Record your children, your spouse, your dog, anything or anyone doing the hokey pokey.
2. Post the video on your blog, myspace page or whatever you call home on the web.
3. Leave me a comment and let me know where we can all view your video.
Optional 4. Tag a friend or three and force them into the fun. Susan and Don consider yourselves tagged by ME! You're it!

Now, I can't start a meme without giving you my version of it so here it is. Funny thing is, I forgot to learn how to turn the durn sound on on my digital camera so this is the retro silent film version....hmmm...should be in black and white I suppose. I'll try to update with something with sound a little later. Here's what I love most about this video - JT is.....SMILING folks and it looks like...could it be....he's ENJOYING himself!

Now, here's where the rubber meets the momilies road. Who can tell me who's missing and who is that mystery kid in the video?! (I'll give you a hint: Tali was already bedded down for the night so we *know* she's missing.)


HeavenlyHome said...

I think its even better just watching everyone jump around without the sound!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, my winter blues are fading away!

magda said...

Without the sound, I was singing it to myself. :)

Also, your family looks like a party.

Donna M. said...

I happened to visit your blog today and it was such a nice surprise to see Andrea in the video. She looks very happy.

fadedmirror said...

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about??