Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

This starts that time of year when, for about 2 months, I have 3 boys the same age. Ben finally joined JT and Philip in the 11 year old club today! The stinker didn't have many surprises as he picked out most of his own presents and even decorated his own cake but he had fun being the Birthday Boy for a day. He even made his own birthday hat. He picked lasagna and corn for dinner and a plain vanilla cake with plain vanilla icing. Adora got him the Indiana Jones lego set which he set up on his cake with the candles lighting the way - looked pretty cool even though this isn't the best of pictures. He asked for one thing and one thing only from his grandparents - a plasma globe. The cool electric effects didn't show up on the pictures but he wanted this to be the center piece of his castle-themed room. Now he just needs to build it it's own pillar. His dad and I got him another lego set which he picked out and accompanied to the cash register. His brothers did manage to surprise him with a Narnia sword which he really loved and his Dad found him a vintage set of Star Wars RPG manuals. That should be fun. Happy Birthday Benny!

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