Saturday, January 06, 2007

Potty Training!

I had so much success with Toilet Training in Less Than a Day with Betsy and Ruth that I decided it was time for John Michael and David to get with the program. I lost my book in the fire and so the first step was to order a new one. Once the book came in it was study, study, study - that thing is intense! Well, after reviewing The Program, we decided that today was the big day. I equipped myself with a potty seat for each of them, a basket full of underpants, Baby Who Wets and a supply of drinks and treats to please the most stubborn potty bound toddler. I was armed and ready. Now with the girls the whole thing took about a total of 2 hours before they were pretty much completely trained. Ruth needed a little follow-up the next day and that was that - done-o-rama. Nope, not the boys, nu-uh, no way. Little did I know I was trying to train Mr. Leaky and his side kick Bladder of Steel.

Mr. Leaky did manage to put his pee pee in the potty and stay dry for about the first two hours which prompted a call from Bob the Builder himself who expressed his deep personal pride in the acheivement of Dry Pants. Bladder of Steel received accolades from our infamous construction foreman as well. Within minutes of said encouraging conversations Mr. Leaky, well, leaked. This was followed by a loud "No!" and a long harangue about how disappointed Bob the Builder and everyone else in Mr. Leaky's immediate universe would be at the appearance of Wet Pants (hey, it's in the book and it worked last time I tried it!). This is followed by 10 practice runs to the potty from every possible location in the house - a procedure which had been practiced with Doll Who Wets prior to Mr. Leaky's own regimen. And here is where Mr. Leaky earned his name...he leaked....again...and again...and again...and again...and again.

About the same time as Mr. Leaky's 6th again, Bladder of Steel finally exploded - all over the floor. I found him mopping up the mess with my dish towel (which was commended through sighs and clenched teeth since cleaning up one's own mess is a target goal for the day). However, after 5 hours and now 7 pairs of Wet Pants (not counting the 2 on Doll Who Wets) I had had it with potty training. Bob the Builder was very disappointed in Wet Pants, Daddy was very disappointed in Wet Pants, Betsy was very disappointed in Wet Pants and Mommy had HAD IT WITH WET PANTS!! The diapers went back on and we all took a nice, long nap....better luck next time. I just hope Bob the Builder doesn't give up on them as quickly as their Mom did...


Muffy Kalbach said...

Quite frankly, I think "Baby Who Wets" has a problem or the training would have been a success. Way to go Mairs!!!!!!!!

mamatee said...

you amaze me sweety with all those babies and still have the sanity to remember to potty train i dont think im potty trained yet.....!
love ya mamatee