Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Couple O' Funnies

A couple of days ago I was working in the kitchen and John Michael was sitting on the stool watching me. I noticed him with his finger up his nose and then he thrust the same finger into my face, raised one eyebrow and said rather conspiratorially "Mom, do you know what this is?" "A bogey?" "No, " he said, "It's a tootsie roll" and with that he put his finger in his mouth and ate it.

While at Grammy's house for Thanksgiving, Grammy picked up a handful of toy catalogues, tossed them in the middle of the floor and told the cousins to look through them and let her know what they would enjoy. I walked out of the room for a few minutes and as soon as I returned, Ruth threw herself at me and announced, "Mommy I'll be having a baby for Christmas!"

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