Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Math- Oh My!

I tried to explain the commutative property to Philip today - he's up to +4's and I figured it was time. He was completely confused. He didn't want to give up his start here and jump that many routine.

Well, wouldn't you know it, Betsy was just in the car on the way home from the baseball game rattling off math problems so I thought, "what the hey" and explained it to her. She had said, "Mom, 2+4=6" Yes, good Betsy. "So what's 4+2?" Well, Bets 4+2 and 2+4 are the same thing. You can turn the problem around and get the same answer. "Oh, so it's 6." "Yes." "Well, then 3+3 is the same as 2+4 which is the same as 4+2. They're all 6, right?" Mmmmhhhmmmm.....She jumped straight from there to subtraction and got those all right too. So..we have at least one budding mathemetician in the bunch!

Now if I could just get the 4 yo to teach the 8 yo we'd be in math heaven!!!

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LucisMomma said...

I love your blog! Tell JT that I think his story is a good one. I feel like I was really there.

So glad to see your house progressing! It is a good-looking house. (the kids are good-looking, too, by the way!)

susan w.