Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lots More

Things have been going so rapidly that I've not been able to keep up with the pictures on the blog. The painters have now been through the whole house and all the rooms are their finished colors. Although, I think the trim in the basement still has not been finished. The doors have doorknobs, the windows and floors have trim and baseboards, the counters, sink and double oven have been set and the other appliances are sitting in the living room waiting (although I may be sending back the dishwasher which somehow is not what I thought I was ordering!).

On the outside, the gutters and downspouts are all replaced. The electric fixtures have all been installed, new vanities have been set in place in the upstairs bathrooms...shew! So much I'm having trouble listing it all!! Here's lots of pictures so enjoy the tour!

The last big hurdle is the flooring (and the dang-blasted banister for which we've finally come to an acceptable compromise). The flooring should get started this week. There will be wood laminate throughout most of the house, carpet on the stairs and basic vinyl flooring in the bathrooms. The upstairs tubs still need to be refinished, they do plan to reseed the yard at some point and the painting on the outside trim is being saved for last so that we can get the interior finished up. The girls are thrilled to have a PINK room, JT's and Philip's basement room and the first floor bath color were chosen by JT - a lovely sea blue that just makes you feel like jumping in and doing the backstroke! lol... The basement is a light purple which we also used in the girls' bathroom upstairs and the kitchen is all about blue.

This is the electrician finishing up his install of the outdoor lights and outlet. He's standing in the new French doors which enter into the dining room addition. The little window to the left is the new kitchen window. Hopefully there are some steps coming out of the French doors in the making. You can see the new gutters and downspouts also.

Here are the French doors from the inside w/the two dining room light fixtures. At the this point the countertops s had been delivered but not set - the big cardboard-looking thing to the right is the countertop standing up on end.

This is the guest bedroom. I picked out a nice, bright yellow and it turned out ELECTRIC yellow once it hit the walls. We're hoping to tone it down a bit w/some neutral colored texturing. We don't want our guests complaining that they couldn't sleep because the walls kept them up all night!!

Here is the far wall of the kitchen addition and the old kitchen. The shelving and cabinetry to the right will be for our homeschool materials - YAY!! JT is modeling the spot where the refrigerator will stand. We were wondering if a light would go on if we opened his mouth...

Here is the rest of the kitchen w/the counters in place. There is a hole under the countertop for the dishwasher and the hole in the top of the counter is for the stovetop - a 5 burner beauty! The cut-out over the cooktop is for a microhood.

This is the girls' purple bathroom upstairs with the new vanity in place. They replaced the same flat mirrors but with a light bar across the top instead of thee two light fixtures on the sides.

And this is the Beach Boys bathroom that just makes you wanna put on your suit and do the backstroke! I don't have a picture of it, but JT's and Philip's room is painted entirely in this color - it's pretty intense!

And here are the girls in their PINK room. They love this color! It will be the horsey room and Betsy will finally have her own bed. She's been sleeping on the floor underneath Miriam's bed for the past month or so.

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